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  • Lubrifiant synthétique à champ d’application universel pour montres à quartz analogiques. Compatible avec les plastiques tels que les polyacétals (Delrin ®), polyamides et polycarbonates. Elle se caractérise par une remarquable adhérence et ne s’étale pas dans des conditions normales d’utilisation.

  • 9010 150 100% synthetic universal fluid thin oil with very good resistance to aging and good resistance to pressure. With an excellent lubricity and outstanding adhesion, this oil is ideal for regulating parts and fast mobiles. Suitable for all materials.

  • Synthetic oil for mechanical watches (train wheels, barrels, steel/steel friction), on-board instruments, micromotors, miniature ball bearings, etc. The SYNT-HP is convenient for high pressure where stability is needed on precise mechanisms and where high demands are placed on the oil's ageing stability.

  • Special synthetic oil for pallets lubrication. Suitable for any watch and clock calibres. 100% synthetic fluid thin oil based on ether and aliphatic alcohol with excellent resistance to ageing. With excellent lubricity and outstanding grip, this oil is ideal for lubrication of pallets. Suitable for all watch calibres, clocks and timepieces within the...

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items