1) The buyer must controlling goods at the reception. To be admissible, all complaints must be made ​​within 8 days of receipt of goods. They must be sent by registered and duly provided evidence letter. All disputes or complaints about the bill, the contents of the bill or invoice requirements must also be made ​​by registered letter to the company and this within 8 days of receipt of the invoice.
Within this time, no complaint will be accepted. In any case, the seller's liability is limited to the value of the goods delivered, invoice price, regardless of the cause of damage incurred.
2) The goods described on the invoice become the property of the buyer after full payment of the amount due.
3) Our invoices are payable in 15 days or delivery of goods.
4) Orders made in standing by the customer, cannot be cancelled.
5) The goods travel at the risk of recipient.
6) Delivery times are mentioned for informational purposes only.
7) A delay in the delivery gives no compensation right or any right of cancellation on the part of the buyer.
8) All fees taken from home, and returning merchandises damaged are the responsibility of the buyer, except in cases of complaint duly made and sent within the time specified in Article 1.
9) In case of non-payment, an interest of 1% per month will be payable by law and without warning and that, from the date of invoice.
10) For all disputes only the court has jurisdiction of Ghent.
11) All items of advertising presentation and display remain our property.
12) Movements are always delivered without battery.